Profile Racerunner

Profile Racerunner product family aims to improve performance and extend communication capabilities of Profile communication servers, used for interfacing FIS Profile with the outer world.

Racerunner CS (Communication Subsystem) can be used together with standard Profile communication servers or as their replacement. With performance more than 10 times higher it guarantees 100 percent compatibility with the standard servers, but also introduces new communication mechanisms to Profile like Web Services, JSON-RPC, XML-RPC atc. RRCS offers comfortable real-time monitoring through integrated web server, showing interactive detailed performance characteristics to live support, but also allows streaming or regular data download for automated monitoring tools.
RaceRunner CS is currently in beta testing phase.

RaceRunner ADD (Active Data Distribution) is an publish / subscribe subsystem for realtime distribution of updates in Profile database to subscribed system. Currently in proof-of-concept phase.